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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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“FCA connected me to other Christians at my school and showed me I'm not alone.” 

- Cheyanne, Huddle Member

Join an FCA Huddle

A lot of students struggle to live out their faith in their school. Our FCA huddle groups provide a space where they can be encouraged so that they know they are not alone. 

Contact Nate Sallee to connect with an existing huddle. We have over 35 groups all over NKY!

Want to start a new huddle? Watch the video...then follow these steps:

  1.  Complete the Interest Form  
  2.  Pray! 
  3.  Complete Ministry Leader Application:
  4.  Certify Your Campus Ministry:

 More information and resources...

Full FCA Campus Playbook Manual - PDF Download

FCA Campus 101 - Click Here

Free FCA Resources - Click Here

Leaders across the nation have organized:

Coaches huddles

Student Led Team based huddles

Team Huddle via our Character Coach Program 

Let's connect and seek out what God would have us do!

Ways FCA staff can serve you:

  • Pray for you and your campus.
  • Encourage you through personal contacts and visits.
  • Equip you with ministry resources.
  • Help you develop a campus ministry plan.
  • Inform you of local, regional, and national ministry events and activities.