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Welcome to Northern KY FCA

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Transforming NKY by ministering TO and THROUGH Coaches.

What We Do

We see a lot of coaches and athletes struggle to win games AND win at home. 

At FCA, we organize groups and events to help coaches grow in their faith and leadership so that they can win in all areas of life and impact eternity.

Sports Builds Character: Good or Bad.

Ever notice how sports often start out as a vehicle for teaching life lessons like character, teamwork, sacrifice, and dedication? It’s no question sports can play a powerful role in shaping a young life.

But studies show the win at all cost culture actually erodes moral reasoning as athletes reach higher levels of competition. 

Ever Wonder Who the Most Powerful Sports Figure Is in A Young Life, or A Community? 

Hint: It’s Not LeBron James.

The coach is the most influential figure in a young person’s life. 

This Is Why The Right Coach Is Crucial. The Right Coach Can Shape A Life And Our Community for Generations.

We Help Coaches and Athletes Grow in Their Faith and Sport.

Here’s How FCA Brings Positive Change to NKY

We Minister TO and THROUGH Coaches which leads to other ministry efforts including: