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The Fellowship of Christian Athletes engages coaches and athletes to grow in their faith and sport.

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Every Kid Deserves a Coach That Cares.

Every Coach Deserves Someone in Their Corner.

Most parents are concerned about the people who influence their kids. At FCA, we organize groups and events that train coaches to create life giving experiences for their players and teach them genuine character traits that guide them for a lifetime.

We believe a coach has an amazing opportunity to transform lives while developing high performing athletes. 

These 3 Tools Will Unlock Your Potential 

Jeff Duke, former Asst. Coach of the great Bobby Bowden at Florida State shares what he's discovered makes up the highest perfoming coaches. 

Learn strategies on motivating, building confidence, harnessing emotion, and have great team cohesion than ever before. 

Live Workshop - Professional Development

3 Dimensional Coaching Short-term huddle group

Online Course - 3 Dimensional Coaching Website

3D Coach Book - Buy from FCA Store

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Ford Taylor developed this training from his experience as a CEO of a $300 million company, a husband, father, and a coach of basketball and volleyball teams. 

This training will help you step your game as a coach and with all of your relationships. 

By moving past personal and organizational constraints you will have all of vthe practical tools needed to see unprecedented growth and success in every sphere of your life! 

Contact Nate Sallee for information about options on how to benefit from this material: 

Live 2-day Training

Short-term weekly small group

Guided online training with weekly phone call follow up.

We all live in a culture where the default mode is the American Dream:

Graduate high school, go to college, get a steady job, have 2.5 kids, buy a nice house, retire and spend your final years playing gold and living in a condo in Florida...

What if there is a bigger story we were created to be a part of?

Story Formed Life approaches this very question by looking at the entire story of the Bible over the course of 11-weeks. 

It's an intense narrative-based discipleship training where your faith is bound to be challenged and deepened. 


KY Coach and Spouse Retreat

Every year 70+ Coaches and their spouses link up In Lexington, Ky each year during Martin Luther King Weekend. The event runs from Sunday afternoon through Monday Lunch.

Come for a special time with your spouse, be encouraged, refreshed, and built into personally!

Contact Nate Sallee for more details